Tracking Your Container For Free.

Grimaldi Tracking provide a third part grimaldi container tracking system. With our container tracking system, you can get a real-time trace of your grimaldi container.

Follow the below step to track your Grimaldi Container:

First, click the “Track” button on the right sidebar.

Second, enter Grimaldi Container Tracking number in the box, which should have format XXXU1234567, shipping company will be selected automatically when possible.

Third, get real-time trace of your Grimaldi Tracking.

About Grimaldi

Established in 1947, Grimaldi is a fully integrated multinational logistics Group specialising in maritime transport of cars, rolling cargo, containers and passengers. Wholly owned by the Grimaldi family, the Group blends a global market approach with family tradition and values. Founder and Chairman Guido Grimaldi is at the helm, sharing responsibilities with his sons Gianluca and Emanuele, and son-in-law Diego Pacella.

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